Since 1929

Overlook makes its home in Nelscott at the south end of Lincoln City, an area once densely forested with Spruce and Hemlock. The area remained mostly inaccessible until the construction of the Roosevelt Military Highway, Hwy 101. In the early 1900’s two developers, Charles P. Nelson and Dr.W.G. Scott formed the Nelscott Land Company. They subdivided their property into 87 small lots for vacation cottages as part of a small summer resort town. By 1927 Nelscott had an Auto Park Campground, a general store, bus depot, gas station, and restaurant. Nelscott never incorporated and in 1964 residents voted to become part of Lincoln City along with the communities of Oceanlake, DeLake, Cutler City, and Taft.

The Overlook you see today was originally two houses built in 1929 and 1930. The houses were purchased by Lou and Priscilla Robinson in 1954 and 1961. The Robinsons renovated the homes creating a residence for themselves and apartments to rent out.

Priscilla Robinson had an extensive collection of Scandinavian Designs which she used as themes for her hand painted art throughout the Overlook adding a European charm to the apartments.

The Robinsons sold the Overlook to Doug and Anne Woodall in 1965. The Woodalls ran the Overlook before converting it into condominiums in 1971. The Overlook was one of the earliest condominiums created in Oregon.

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